Sunday, 20 February 2011


Things needed in inviting for “bhaat” (ritual of eating rice): 2 pieces of blouse (90 cm) red (1.25 cm), 5 types of dried fruit (without salt), 5 betel nuts, 5 stems of turmeric, wholegrain coriander, a little bit of molasses, silver coin, clothes for relatives, box of red powder, henna, money for exchange, coconut, gut and envelopes for putting sacred mark on forehead, sweets for distribution, a woman of Brahmin community and a photographer.
All the things are beautifully decorated and taken to the girl’s maternal house. All the in-laws and relatives also accompany. Brother, brother’s wife, nephews and nieces are made to seat so as to put sacred marks on their foreheads and then they are offered some sweets. Then the things of invitation are handed over to the brother. After putting the sacred marks on their foreheads, brother, brother’s wife and nephews are offered coconut and gut. The bridegroom is marked on forehead. After this, all the grooms of the family are marked on their foreheads. It is followed by ceremonial meeting with the girls’ maternal family. Then dinner follows. When the bride comes to invite for bhaat (ritual of eating rice), she is gifted a new sari by her in-laws to wrap. 
At the time of filling bhaat (rice): Money, coconut, a plateful of rice and molasses, gift for touching feet, envelopes for marking foreheads of grooms, a woman of Brahmin community.
Rice is taken in the morning of the day of marriage. But these days, it is done keeping in mind the comfort. This time, the brother comes with his family to fill the rice. Before coming inside, a ceremonial sari is placed on the gate. Brother and his wife are made to stand on the wooden cot. Lady’s husband’s sister offers sherbet. Then the brother offers ceremonial gift to lady’s husband’s sister. Then the sister marks forehead, offers sweets and then the brother covers sister with stole. After this, the sister performs the ceremony of arti of her brother and his wife and measures the chest of her brother with her stole. Once measured, it is touched on the forehead and the process is repeated four times thereafter. It is followed by embracing. Brother is given coconut and his wife is given gut. Brother’s wife gives gifts for ceremonial touching of feet and the same process of marking is done to all the brothers and their wives. People on both sides put marks on foreheads of their grooms. The ceremonial meeting is completed. Then the brother and sister eat rice-pulse together.  Symbolic touching precedes the eating. Even the girl’s mother-in-law invites and puts sacred marks on the foreheads of her brothers.

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